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Binance Academy partners with Coursera to provide crypto classes

Since 2020, Binance Academy has provided free crypto classes to over 400,000 Africans. In Q1 2021, Binance Academy hosted an eight-week...

Binance Crypto Education tour a success in Benin

Binance Academy's primary goal is to empower crypto newbies and enthusiasts that there are better ways to go about crypto The event also...

Inside EkoLance partnership with TechonomyAfrica to boost the growth of web3 and blockchain

The initiative by EkoLance and TechonomyAfrica directly contributes to five of the United Nations’ SDGs. These include gender equality, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social inclusion. Although emerging economies have historically maximised such innovative technology, the initiative will change that pattern for this wave of tech, according to Linda.

Crypto education is still key to unlocking the web3 economy in Africa

Bridging the knowledge gap through crypto education is critical to ensure that future web3 experts come on board in ensuring that Africa and its citizens do not remain behind.

Binance launches crypto education hub in Cameroon

The Yaounde hub will provide an in-person blockchain education training centre. In this hub, people can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies in a physical environment that will provide more than online education can about the technologies.