Binance Academy partners with Coursera to provide crypto classes

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  • Since 2020, Binance Academy has provided free crypto classes to over 400,000 Africans.
  • In Q1 2021, Binance Academy hosted an eight-week event that trained over 100 African blockchain developers.
  • This partnership intends to provide blockchain certification courses that are affordable and accessible to their users. 

The web3 industry is rapidly expanding to new horizons and industries. Today, blockchain technology has gone beyond cryptocurrency, NFT and Virtual reality and has stretched to different economic sectors. As a result, the need for more blockchain developers has grown causing many international organizations to focus more on blockchain and crypto education.

Binance Academy is a long-standing platform that provides the necessary skills, trainers and material to expand crypto education throughout Africa. In recent news, it has partnered with Coursera, a leading online education platform, to provide blockchain certification courses. This partnership will expand Binance Academy’s reach throughout Africa and the globe.

Binance Academy and advocate of crypto education

A major plague of the web3 industry is the lack of information. Users are unable to comprehend the vast possibilities blockchain provides. For instance, in Africa, the norm of crypto being a scam is still imprinted within several regions. As a result, these misconceptions surrounding crypto and blockchain technology have hindered the progress of its adoption.

To mitigate this plague, Binance, launched a program solely dedicated to providing all the resources required to establish quality crypto education. This led to the creation of Binance Academy.

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Today, Binance Academy is the world’s leading crypto education platform, providing the necessary information to support the industry. Since 2020, Binance Academy has provided free crypto classes to over 400,000 African. They offer a range of courses that provide users with the skills to build a career as a blockchain developer.

Binance Academy has rapidly driven blockchain and crypto education in the past three years.[Photo/TechCabal]
Binance Academy has subdivided its platform to cater to all crypto traders, from beginner-level to professional traders. Its Binance Masterclass has played a major role in expanding Africa’s crypto classes.

Emmanuel Babalola, Director at Binance Africa, said, “Blockchain education is at the heart of our focus in the global market. As a blockchain infrastructure provider, we are committed to ensuring that more and more people have access to the right information about the workings of the ecosystem. Africa is a critical market for Binance because we see the profound opportunity blockchain brings to the continent.

It has hosted several crypto events across several African universities to educate and develop the skills of new blockchain developers. In Q1 2021, Binance Academy hosted an eight-week event that trained over 100 African blockchain developers. Furthermore, it allocated $1 million in funding to its graduates and hosted a live demo showcasing newly built blockchain systems developed during the period.

Binance Academy Partners with Coursera

Despite the avid attempts to promote blockchain certification courses, Binance Academy still has limited reach. Fortunately, after the Covid Pandemic, online learning became a must-have commodity for most households. As a result, online platforms offering professional certificates have significantly expanded in reach and courses offered. Binance Academy has partnered with Coursera, a leading E-Learning platform.

They intend to provide blockchain certification courses that are affordable and accessible to their users. The blockchain certification courses will cover a broad range of topics. It has tailored the courses to provide crypto education to beginner traders and offer skills to build a career as a blockchain developer. Each blockchain certification course will include reading materials, video lectures, practical assessments, projects and graded assessments.

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According to Binance Cofounder and CMO, Yi He, “Education is the cornerstone of progress and innovation. This has guided us at Binance Academy, as we strive to make the revolutionary world of blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Coursera. Together, we’re combining the strengths of two industry leaders with a shared vision – to provide best-in-class education that will drive adoption and build the foundations for Web3.”

Coursera’s vast market

At the time of writing, Coursera has over 100 million active students undergoing several certifications. Binance Academy intends to capitalize on this broad market to nourish, support and provide the necessary training for new blockchain developers.

The web3 industry is rapidly growing as more organizations adopt blockchain-based systems. Unfortunately, the adoption rate far exceeds the number of existing blockchain developers. This causes a great deficiency within the expansion of the industry. Fortunately, with this new partnership, Binance Academy has taken a positive step to ensure blockchain programming and development become more mainstream.

Marni Baker Stein, Chief Content Officer at Coursera, said, “We’re excited to partner with Binance Academy to expand course offerings in these areas. With fully online and self-paced content taught by experts from Binance Academy, learners everywhere can equip themselves with crucial skills. Learning skills in blockchain, web3, and cryptocurrency is more important than ever as new and exciting job roles emerge in these fields.


Crypto education is a vital component in ensuring the development of the industry. In addition, training new blockchain developers guarantees an increased web3 adoption rate. Binance Academy has strived to educate Africa and the globe, playing a vital role in solidifying Binance’s position as the leading advocate of web3.

Now Coursera has joined the franchise through its blockchain certification course, shedding a ray of hope throughout the industry.


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