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Project Mano: Ethiopia’s Visionary Leap into Bitcoin Mining and AI Innovation

Ethiopia set to establish a $250 million bitcoin mining and AI data centre, led by the Russian bitcoin mining company BitCluster. The facility's...

BRICS admit six countries to the bloc, seeks to boost local currency lending

BRICS total GDP now stands at US$30.76 trillion, controlling about 30 percent of the global economy The new countries to join BRICS include...

The partnership between Fuse and ChromePay will boost the web3 economy in Africa

Fuse has stated that its partnership with ChromePay intends to improve blockchain-powered payments in Africa. The improvement can overcome significant faults in the current payment system. This includes exorbitant transaction costs, excessive intermediation, regional fragmentation, frequent lack of platform compatibility, chargebacks, hidden interest, and other issues.

The Weeknd-Binance world tour integrates NFTs, Web3 to battle food crisis

To help launch the XO Humanitarian Fund, The Weeknd made an initial donation of US$500,000 to the program. In addition, the multi-award winning star is contributing US$1 from each ticket sold in the anxiously awaited After Hours Til Dawn stadium tour. The World Food Program USA's Board of Directors, together with donors, will contribute US$1 million in recognition of the fund's lifesaving impact,