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Crypto trading in Africa on the rise despite challenges

So far, only a small portion of the population represents crypto adoption in Africa. If this trend continues, Africa is poised to be the next frontier of cryptocurrency adoption. Comparing the number of cryptocurrency owners against the country’s entire population across leading markets on the continent reveals that only 8.52 per cent of Kenya’s population is actively involved in crypto trading. South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana follow closely at 7.11, 6.31, and 3.01 per cent, respectively. Consequently, many people remain curious to know how the crypto industry has transformed the payment landscape in Africa and the factors that have influenced the growth of crypto trading across Africa, even ahead of leading global markets.

Using crypto as a hedge against inflation might take some time

During market turmoil, experts recommend the application of caution when it comes to crypto investing. Utilizing crypto as the only method for protecting assets from inflation would be imprudent. With time, blockchain technologies will improve, resulting in increased stability and the use of crypto as a hedge against inflation. The equipment is already in place.