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The Humanity Node Protocol and Humanity NFTs

Earn Crypto, Invest, Stake and Redeem for Cash. The Humanity Node Protocol is here to give Africans an opportunity to earn crypto most simply while simultaneously upholding the principle of Humanity.

You can earn up to US$5 per hour using your phone or computer. To understand the Humanity ecosystem, read more about it on

This article will show you how to win money with the HUMANITY NODE PROTOCOL by just having a smartphone. There are only and will only ever be 300,000 NFTs to be drafted that are up for grabs for the next 35 days!!!

Humanity NFT owners can keep their Humanity NFT forever and pass it on to their generations. The owners can also sell them in the marketplace or to any other buyer anytime they want.

The Humanity NFTs are the core infrastructure assets of the entire Humanity Node Protocol ecosystem. As the community and the ecosystem grows, so will the value and economic output of each Humanity NFT.

To earn these NFTs, follow these simple steps


Register for draft and pledge 100 hours at Humanity Nodes (HUMANITY PLEDGE- COUNT ME IN!)

The Humanity node Protocol Hour Pledge.
The Humanity node Protocol Hour Pledge.

Click on the Humanity Pledge and pledge 100 hours.  Be a member of the community by registering on the count me in option.

You will need a Twitter account to perform the second step. Verify your email address, and you will get the referral code that you can invite your friends to do the same.


Create an account at the platform. Here is a description of how to go about it!

log in 1

Fill in the email address used in step 1 and create a password for your account.

step 2 2


Register to a financial platform at Red Matter Capital. This is a regulated asset tokenization platform.

step3 2
Red Matter Capital Registration.


Follow Web3africa on Twitter

@nftprosai on Twitter, and @RedMatterCap on Twitter

STEP 5 – Refer

From the referral link you got upon registration in step 1, refer at least three of your friends to the Humanity ecosystem to rank higher on the public leaderboard.

Welcome to our community, and let’s transform the lives of our fellow community members.

Use referral link to create an account on humanity nodes protocols:

Step 5 2




Complete KYC qualifications prior to August 5th 2022


Connect to and START winning Humanity Coins that you can change easily against dollars.

Since Humanity is virtuous, more people joining will have a higher chance to get selected, the more all the people will win more money, so don’t forget to spread the document to all people around you !! 😊


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