Africa Blockchain Institute Hosts new program for blockchain developers

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  • Africa Blockchain Institute, headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda, is an institute that has redefined blockchain education. 
  • To aid in their endeavour, Africa Blockchain Institute is hosting the Africa Blockchain Incubation program designed to support and nurture next-generation blockchain startups.
  • ABI provides one of the highest-quality and stackable earning experiences for all blockchain developers seeking to improve their skills or gain more

The African ecosystem has housed numerous innovations, but non so far has been more adaptable than blockchain technology. When Web3’s first iteration, cryptocurrency, was reduced in Africa, many nations and citizens were sceptical. Fortunately, as the years progressed, the number of individual crypto traders grew, and by 2021 Africa was announced to have the highest crypto adoption ever recorded in history. Soaring at an all-time high of 1200%, many were shocked, but why did cryptocurrency get such a high rating within Africa? The key lies in the underlying mechanism called blockchain technology. The harsh environment that slows Africa’s technical progression has changed and shaped it to have the perfect conditions necessary for blockchain adoption. Blockchain startups soon became the next lucrative market, thus, requiring blockchain developers. Fortunately, establishments such as Africa Blockchain Institute, Africa Blockchain Centre and many more offer to cater for blockchain education in Africa.

The need for more blockchain developers became painfully clear as time progressed. Due to the efforts of organizations such as Binance, Polygon and Ethereum, their tours around Africa significantly boosted the awareness of blockchain technology and its usefulness in cryptocurrency. In recent news, Africa Blockchain Institute has offered to host an African Blockchain Incubation Program to aid blockchain startups in getting on their feet.

Who are Africa Blockchain Institue

Africa Blockchain Institute is the hub for learning, understanding, and applying blockchain technology in Africa’s ecosystem.[Photo/Twitter]
After the first wave of blockchain startups in Africa, it became painfully clear that more blockchain developers were necessary. As such, organizations and blockchain developers banded together to form blockchain education institutes all over Africa’s ecosystem. Africa Blockchain Institute, headquartered in Kigali, Rwanda, is an institute that has redefined blockchain education. 

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It provides one of the highest-quality and stackable earning experiences for all blockchain developers seeking to improve their skills or gain more. This Pan-African Institute aims to promote blockchain technology’s adoption, development, and use within Africa’s ecosystem. Kayode Babarinder, the Executive director of ABI, started this institution to give a guiding hand to others who also seek to understand blockchain technology. Kayode himself has undergone various training on how to teach Blockchain technology best. His zeal and passion have transformed ABI into what it is to this day.

According to Kayode, blockchain technology is integral to the fourth industrial revolution. Its applications are vast and numerous; hence self-teaching is a struggle. Hence he started the ABI to help blockchain developers have the necessary skills to start their startups or to continue advancing their skills.

The ABI is hosting an Africa Blockchain Incubation Program.

With the consistent growth of Web3 and the rapid adoption rate of crypto, NFT and the metaverse, it is merely a matter of time before Web3 completely takes over. As such, blockchain startups within Africa’s ecosystem must take advantage of this window of opportunity as more blockchain developers surface.

Africa Blockchain Incubation
Africa Blockchain Institute opens its doors to blockchain developers and startups. This program provides training to blockchain innovators to launch their startups.[Photo/Medium]
To aid in their endeavour Africa Blockahin Institute is hosting the Africa Blockahin Incubation program designed to support and nurture next-generation blockchain startups. The program is a four-month intensive program designed to help participants develop and launch their blockchain startups or projects. The selected member will receive training, mentorship and resources to help bring their ideas to fruition.

The programme also includes various benefits such as ;

  •  Access to a network of Blockchain experts and mentors 
  • Training sessions on blockchain technology and business/entrepreneurship
  • Opportunities to pitch to potential investors
  • Regular check-ins and progress reviews with program mentors.

The application is ongoing and is due n the 31st of January, 2023. Keep in mind that even though they offer blockchain education along the way, it focuses on the blockchain startups/projects brought to them.

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The ABI set various standards to ensure the eligibility of the project;

  •  Priorities are given to Female Applications
  •  Must be between 20 – 35 years of age
  •  Strong business case and market potential
  •  Both idea-stage and early-stage (1 year) companies are encouraged to apply

Benefits of joining the Program

As discussed earlier, Blockchain education will be a necessity soon. Most organizations are already forming partnerships with crypto exchanges to establish a new crypto payment stem. Other institutes, such as the healthcare sector, rely on blockchain technology and thus require blockchain developers. This program mainly focuses on ensuring applicants can fully launch their blockchain startups. 

Aside from blockchain technology’s various benefits, Africa Business Insitute also offers other factors. Business Education is a must when dealing with business, even in blockchain startups. An insight into the various steps required to take as a business will make the difference between success and failure. 

In addition, ABI will also offer Platform and Business Support, ensuring that your Blockchain startups interact with all the right associates. In the end, ABU generally offers guidance and investor access to these young blockchain developers. They are ensuring that blockchain technology emerges in Africa’s ecosystem.

Timeline of the Program:

  • Applications Open: December 2022- the 31st of January 2023
  • Selection and Notification 1st – 28th February 2023
  • Incubation Program (Virtual): 1st March 2023 – 16th June 2023
  • Demo DAY (In-Persin at Kigali, Rwanda): June 2023
  • Post-Incubation: July 2023





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