Dimitra Technology actively applying blockchain technology to redefine agriculture in Africa

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  • Dimitra has partnered with the Libyan government to digitize their agricultural sector through blockchain applications.
  • They have also partnered with Kenyan startup One Million Avocados(OMA) to increase the production and quality of East African avocados using trace technology.
  • The Agritech company aims to aid 570 million farms worldwide.
  • Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform contains detailed insight that utilizes AI, sensors, satellite images, and a blockchain database.

Blockchain technology has completely redefined how we view several sectors. From providing new financial systems to providing distributed databases, blockchain applications’ uses continue to grow. Amid this change, Africa has significantly benefited from blockchain’s diverse nature. Through this line of thinking, investors and innovators have integrated blockchain technology to redefine Africa’s oldest economic activity, agriculture.

Developers have worked hand in hand with small-scale farmers, who comprise most of the continent’s agricultural produce. This led to Agritech, an emerging market combining agriculture’s longevity and innovative technology solutions. Its new and lucrative nature has attracted many organizations, solidifying blockchain in agriculture. Dimitra Technology is among the many organizations focused on improving the lives of farmers all over.

Within the past decade, this organization has aided numerous African governments. In recent news, Dimitra has partnered with Kenya’s government to establish new blockchain applications to benefit the country’s agricultural sector, especially Kenyan avocado farmers.

Who is Dimitra Technology

With the continued growth of the Web3 community, many developers saw the potential of a decentralized system in other sectors. This led many innovators to experiment with blockchain technology, smart contracts, and digital ownership functionalities. Furthermore, Africa has hogged the limelight of the web3 community for some time now.

Its slow adoption of Web2 made it a conducive environment to test out most blockchain applications. Thus, many markets have emerged within a decade, but only a few have made such a success as fintech and Agritech. Both markets have significantly improved, building on a solid foundation. Agritech is a world pay between agriculture and technology, and many blockchain developers have found a new way to promote small-scale farmers, improving the continent’s output.

Dimitra Technology is an organization that saw this emerging market and became one of the first organizations to embrace blockchain in Agriculture fully. Jon Trask founded Dimitra Technology in 2016 when blockchain applications expanded beyond the financial systems. Dimitra is an Agritech platform that focuses on integrating blockchain in agriculture through mobile applications and data-driven solutions.

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According to their website, the Agritech company aims to aid 570 million farms worldwide. This figure represents over 3 billion people as a market opportunity. Through years of development, Dimitra has successfully implemented 13 modules and around 190 data entry screens. The concept of Agritech is still new to many African countries; thus, only a few understand it.

Blockchain in agriculture can be applied in several sectors to aid small-scale farmers. This ranges from establishing better insurance policies to monitoring systems to determine potential losses through weather changes. Through years of progress and development, Dimitra has created an operating system for Agritech solutions.

Dimitra Technology Eyes Africa

Agriculture is one of the oldest economic activities that dates back to Mesopotamia. So far, it has become a default economic activity in Africa, and several governments heavily rely on the revenue generated. According to the African Development Bank, the continent has the potential to triple the annual agricultural output from $280 billion to $880 billion by 2030. Furthermore, with the growth of Agritech Solutions, the continent has experienced a significant rise in revenue generated. Most of the progress is owed to the development of Dimitra technology.

For instance, Dimitra has partnered with the Libyan government to digitize their agricultural sector through blockchain applications. In August 2023, this Agritech Company partnered with the AI-ASA projects, a development plan Libya’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock established. The AI-ASA project involves testing blockchain in agriculture on 520 farmers, approximately 10 hectares each.

Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform contains detailed insight that utilizes AI, sensors, satellite images, and a blockchain database. These features allow the system to analyze the Soil’s HP and identify pets and diseases affecting the soil. The information is stored in a decentralized platform that scales farmers. This available information reduces unnecessary resources traditional farming has.

Dimitra's-Connected Farmer-Platform
Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform has empowered thousands of farmers across Africa. Its simple user interface and broad database allow the farmer to attain better farming practices and services.[Photo/Dimitra]
In addition, the platform offers information on different farming practices that provide better yields. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to allow small-scale farmers to reduce their fertilizer use while achieving maximum gains. Initially, the AI ASA Project gave 120 of their farmers access to Dimitra’s blockchain applications.

The MENA regional Director, Maged Elmontaser, said, “Al-Asa Agriculture Project is considered one of the most important projects that maintains sustainability and food security for the country. Dimitra Connected Farmer Platform offers farmers powerful tools to optimize their farming operations, make informed decisions, and enhance their productivity and sustainability.

Dimitra in Papua New Guinea

In addition, within the same month, Dimitra Technology partnered with Papua New Guinea’s Rumion Limited to integrate blockchain in their agriculture sector. Smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea have suffered immense losses from pests for several years. Notably, the Fall Armyworm has significantly reduced its maize yields. To battle this problem, Rumion Limited partnered with Dimitra Technology to tackle the problem.

To solve this problem, the Agritech company partnered with Mast Electrical and Telecommunication, UnCrewed Solution, and local partners Theodist to develop an FAW management system. This new management system utilizes the power of drones, satellite imagery, and a blockchain database to aid Rumion in better controlling and understanding the infestations. By gathering this information and distributing it throughout their blockchain applications, Rumion Limited discovered vital information that has improved their crop’s health.

Dimitra Technology has expressed further interest in improving Africa’s Agritech sector and Kenya’s Avocado farmers in its list.

Kenya is embracing blockchain in agriculture.

To ensure the continued adoption of blockchain in agriculture, the Agritech company has expanded its functions to cater to various diverse farming. Among its many achievements is its collaboration with Kenyan startup One Million Avocados(OMA).

Dimitra Technology has set its focus on Kenyan Farmers by availing their services to the nation.[Photo/Dimitra]
OMA’s primary goal is to increase the production and quality of East African avocados using trace technology. According to their current technology, OMA focuses on traceability, precise farm management, and affordable pricing amid financial inclusion. Dimitri has offered several blockchain applications to achieve this goal due to its innate traceability and immutability.

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The Agritech Company will offer its Connect Farmer Platform readily available with information regarding avocado. In addition, it has incorporated Swahili to give Kenyan small-scale farmers access to information in their preferred language. Its blockchain application will provide OMA farmers with pest and disease prevention data reporting. In addition, it reduces administrative and operational costs associated with farm data registration and collection.

In addition, Dimitra technology has offered its native token $DMTR tokens, for transactions. This benefits farmers in accessing most of Dimitra’s functionalities while increasing the adoption rate of digital tokens.

Prince Victor Femi-Fred, Dimitra’s Director of Sub-Saharan Africa, stated, “Dimitra is proud of this partnership as it will help bridge the gap of complicated farming. Providing room for data-driven farming using today’s technology across the Sub-Saharan region of Africa to make a difference. We are excited to work with our new partner and expand Dimitra’s presence in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenyan Avocado farmers can access vital farming information and best practices through this collaboration. In addition, it furthers Dimira’s goal of redesigning Africa’s agricultural sector through blockchain technology. Its endeavors, alongside other blockchain innovators, may make blockchain more mainstream in agriculture.


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