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  • Web3Africa addresses the Web3 information gap, eventually emerging as the go-to source for all things Web3-related in Africa, garnering global attention.
  • Aly Ramji created Africa’s first web3-focused media platform and community channel, web3AFrica.news.
  • Here, we offer news, media, education, dApps, and market analysis focused on empowering African web3 with content.

The Age of technological revolution is upon us. Traditional systems are being redefined daily, leading us to question, where does it all lead? Web3 is among the few technologies pioneering the Age of automation, AI, and decentralization on a grander scale.

 And in this global shift, Africa stands out as a unique player, taking its place at the centre stage of this transformative journey, ready to make its mark in the Web3 era.

It’s truly remarkable to witness Africa, a region once left behind in the previous technological revolutions, now emerging as a potential leader in the Web3 era. This unexpected shift can be attributed to the very challenges that Africa has faced in the past.

 Despite this promising potential, Africa has yet to embrace the Web3 revolution fully. The reasons for this are evident: a need for more accurate information about Web3, a voice representing Africa in the blockchain community, and the necessary tools, space, and community to discuss and implement decentralization to address the everyday issues of the typical African.

Recognizing the need for accurate and timely information on Blockchain in Africa, Aly Ramji, Mediapix CEO, launched Web3Africa.News. This platform serves as a hub for real-time updates, success stories of African-based decentralized applications, and education on the benefits of Decentralized Finance. 

Web3Africa.News addresses this information gap, eventually emerging as the go-to source for all things Web3-related in Africa, garnering global attention.

Web3Africa.news, Africa’s top Web3 Media Platform

Amid disinformation regarding Web3, decentralization, and blockchain in Africa, Web3Africa was the leading media platform addressing the increasing demand for blockchain and crypto adoption.

We are Africa’s premier pan-African Social Network and Web3 integrated platform. Web3Africa has dedicated resources to building a single funnel, monopolizing the information, and providing easy user access.

Also, Read Web3Africa.news partners with Onramper to launch a fiat-to-crypto service on its platform.

Our ecosystem mission is to bridge the gap by providing comprehensive resources related to the African blockchain ecosystem.

Here, we offer news, media, education, dApps, and market analysis focused on empowering African web3 with content. We ensure each user gains a high-end article to learn everything about Crypto.

In addition, we have partnered with Humanity Protocol to launch its community staking project. Another primary goal is to empower Africa, by Africa, for Africa, and feature several organizations in our content.

Aly Ramji created Africa’s first web3-focused media platform and community channel, web3AFrica.news.[Photo/Medium]

Web3Africa aims to become Africa’s largest source of information to represent the continent toward the most significant technological revolution so far.

Join our community channel to get first-hand information on the latest articles, videos, reels, and shorts on everything Web3.

With many eyes still set on cryptocurrency, decentralized applications are taking over, and the sector will soon become oversaturated. Tune in to identify the potential headlines in the crypto world and get concise information on blockchain technology and the skills you require to become a blockchain developer.

We also feature the latest NFT marketplace news and remember the numerous African artists who showcase the continent’s culture within the metaverse.

Blockchain In Africa

When individuals hear the word blockchain, more often than not, their minds click directly towards cryptocurrency. This line of think is not wrong but significantly undermines the potential of decentralization.

Cryptocurrency is the first successful application of web3, and its diverse approach towards finance led to the development of decentralized finance. Soon, developers sought to explore the applicability of a technology that forged the control and surveillance of centralized systems without infringing on their security and privacy.

This eventually led to the development of the pillar of Web3. These include NFT, Digital currency, The Metaverse, and, to some extent, AI. 

Soon, it became painfully clear how effective blockchain technology was, and this inspired Gavin Wood to coin this upcoming technology, Web3. However, how does this tie to Africa? 

Simply put, Africa has one of the lowest Web2 adoption rates Worldwide. This small, negative quality kickstarted the most significant technological adoption rates globally.

Web3, at its core, rejects the concept of Web2 or the Internet; as such, decentralized applications cannot co-exist within the Web2 space in its purest form. This means that Africa, due to its low adoption rate of Web2, presented the perfect ecosystem allowing blockchain technology to thrive.

Cryptocurrency has inspired many developers worldwide, including in Africa. Many governments and organizations initially shunned the idea of blockchain in Africa due to its new state. After Bitcoin’s golden era(Bitcoin’s first highest value range), several governments, organizations, and individuals pondered what Web3 is. 

This played the first distinct presence of blockchain in Africa, as countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya pioneered the first step into Web3.

Today, Web3 is the tale of many African startups seeking glory and fame within the franchise. Flutterwave and Yellow Card are prime examples of fintech organizations that dominate Africa’s crypto ecosystems. These two and others inspired many local entrepreneurs, African governments, and international crypto exchanges to set their sites’ on decentralization.

NFT also took the continent on a rollercoaster with Osinachi, the first African NFT artist to showcase another path of profiting from blockchain in Africa. Soon, NFT marketplaces like Afropolitan sprung up, inspiring millions of African artists to abandon the paint and brush for a stylus and tablet.

Developers, investors, and entrepreneurs have steadily expanded the use of decentralization in other sectors, especially those with minimal technical support. For instance, organizations like Land Layby Group and HouseAfrica have created a decentralized application capable of streamlining the real estate industry.

Blockchain in Africa today cuts across the agriculture industry, healthcare, and even governmental proceedings. Unfortunately, despite these successes, Africa is still tapping into about 10% of its potential.

Many governments are still sceptical of its technology, but most have sent out research teams to find a better implementation. Only a few have taken active steps to ensure its citizens are aware of this ongoing revolution. Thus, Aly Ramji created Africa’s first web3-focused media platform and community channel, web3AFrica.news

What are You Waiting For?

Our information is valid worldwide, and savvy investors and entrepreneurs can use our high-end articles to find profitable niches in Web3. Web3 has transitioned from a simple digital currency to a trillion-dollar industry in under a decade.

It’s high time Africa reached its full potential and web3Africa.news will allow the continent to speak about its prowess and creativity within this digital era. Welcome to the next revolution in Africa’s global economy.                    



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