Ubisoft Unveils Champion Tactics: A New Blockchain RPG

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  • During Paris Blockchain Week, Ubisoft announced its first blockchain-based game, Champion Tactics Grimoria, which will be released in 2024.
  • Featuring tactical PvP RPG gameplay with blockchain-based figurines, the game enhances player engagement and ownership.
  • In the gaming industry, Ubisoft’s venture into blockchain gaming could provide a precedent for other AAA developers.

Ubisoft, a prominent AAA game studio, is making significant strides in blockchain gaming. During Paris Blockchain Week, Ubisoft unveiled its first blockchain-based game, Champion Tactics Grimoria, with plans to launch by 2024.

This development marks a noteworthy moment in the gaming industry. It blends high-quality gameplay with blockchain technology, setting the standard for blockchain RPGs.

Ubisoft Teases New Blockchain Game at Paris Blockchain Week

Champion Tactics Grimoria is a tactical player-vs-player (PvP) role-playing game (RPG) that allows players to create unique blockchain-based figurines. Each figurine has distinct features and characteristics, which can be combined into teams of three for strategic turn-based battles. The game’s high-end graphics and animations, characteristic of Ubisoft titles, add depth to the gaming experience.

Players need to master the art of combining heroes to form synergistic teams and effectively counter their opponents. The game’s depth lies in understanding the intricate interactions between different figurines, reminiscent of popular strategy games like DOTA.

Ubisoft’s Strategic Entry into Blockchain Gaming

Nicolas Pouard, vice president of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, shared insights into the studio’s approach to blockchain gaming. Pouard emphasized that Ubisoft started developing Champion Tactics Grimoria last year, testing the waters with this game before embarking on more ambitious AAA blockchain projects.

“We felt it was too ambitious to start with an AAA title, so we’re testing the waters with Champion Tactics,” Pouard explained. This patient approach highlights Ubisoft’s commitment to understanding the market and refining its blockchain gaming strategy.

Ubisoft’s strategy focuses on creating a universe around blockchain assets and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) that form the game’s core. This method enhances player engagement and immersion by building a rich, interactive environment around the game’s digital assets.

Pioneering a Player-Centric Web3 Gaming Experience

Ubisoft aims to redefine the gaming experience by granting players ownership of digital assets. Pouard emphasized that the studio’s goal is not driven by financial motivations but by the desire to create a quality Web3 game. Introducing an allowlist enables players to craft figurines for their champion roster, fostering community participation and engagement.

Ubisoft’s collaboration with Oasys, the gaming blockchain protocol on which Champion Tactics Grimoria is built, further underscores its commitment to innovation. During Paris Blockchain Week, Ubisoft and Oasys gave visitors a first-hand look at gameplay, highlighting blockchain RPG potential.

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Additionally, Oasys announced its integration with LayerZero. This integration is part of Oasys’ 2024 Dragon Update, which focuses on enhancing interoperability across its gaming ecosystem. The collaboration with LayerZero marks a significant milestone in seamless interoperability across gaming platforms.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming in the Industry

Champion Tactics Grimoria represents a significant step for Ubisoft and the broader gaming industry. Ubisoft sets the standard for blockchain RPGs by integrating technology with high-quality gameplay. The game exemplifies the potential for blockchain-backed gaming to provide immersive and engaging experiences for players while offering actual ownership of digital assets.

Ubisoft’s venture into blockchain gaming is a testament to its dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring upcoming frontiers in gaming. With Champion Tactics Grimoria, Ubisoft is pioneering blockchain-backed gaming and setting a precedent for other AAA game developers to follow.

Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) brings together blockchain and Web3 professionals. The event will also feature panel discussions, workshops, and conferences from top companies.[Photo/Medium]

Blockchain technology is crucial in Champion Tactics Grimoria, providing an immersive gaming experience emphasizing ownership and transparency.

By leveraging blockchain, Ubisoft ensures that every digital asset within the game, from figurines to in-game items, is verifiable and secure. This transparency builds trust among players, knowing that their investments in the game are protected and genuinely owned by them.

Blockchain integration also introduces novel economic dynamics to the game. Players can securely and transparently trade, sell, or lease blockchain-based figurines.

This enhances the gaming experience and creates new opportunities for players to earn from their gaming skills and assets. Ubisoft’s approach highlights blockchain’s potential to revolutionize the gaming industry by introducing decentralized economies and player-driven markets.

Anticipating the Impact on the Gaming Industry

Ubisoft’s Champion Tactics Grimoria is expected to impact the gaming industry significantly, particularly blockchain gaming. As one of the first AAA game studios to venture into this space, Ubisoft sets a precedent for other major developers to explore blockchain technology.

This move could catalyze a broader adoption of blockchain in the industry, leading to more innovative and player-focused gaming experiences.

Furthermore, Champion Tactics Grimoria’s success could encourage other developers to experiment with blockchain technology. 

This could lead to a new wave of blockchain RPGs and game genres. Actual ownership and decentralized economies could become standard expectations among gamers, pushing the industry towards more transparent and player-centric models.

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In conclusion, Ubisoft’s introduction of Champion Tactics Grimoria during Paris Blockchain Week marks a pivotal moment in the gaming industry. The game’s innovative blend of strategic gameplay and blockchain technology highlights Ubisoft’s commitment to immersive and player-centric gaming experiences.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Ubisoft’s foray into blockchain-backed gaming is poised to influence future developments and set new standards for what blockchain-backed gaming can achieve.


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