Top 5 Crypto airdrops that created a frenzy in 2022

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  • Crypto airdrops might seem like a ‘by-the-way’ plan, but it’s a strategic plan used by cryptocurrency platforms to entertain long-lasting crypto users and attract new customers constantly
  • Tamadoge has recently gained plenty of fame especially given the recent transition of Ethereum, the Merge
  • Battle Infinity generally offers a crypto airdrop worth $3000 in IBAT cryptocurrency tokens for the first 100 contestants, attracting more users to their platform

Multiple crypto platforms have tried several concepts to keep ahead of their competition within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Successful cryptocurrency platforms like Ethereum have even had to introduce new altcoins and features to sustain and constantly impress their customers.

This constant corporate war between different crypto platforms has led to one of the most extraordinary ingenuity. It has also facilitated the creation of new consensus mechanisms to incorporate and design new blockchain technology to stay ahead. Such is the world of an ever-growing business, and to keep their customers entertained, they decided to give their users crypto airdrops.

Mostly, these digital gifts have worked like a charm, like fire to a moth. It provides its users random crypto prizes in the form of digital assets; who wouldn’t be drawn to that?

What are crypto airdrops, and how they matter

Crypto airdrops might seem like a ‘by-the-way’ plan, but it’s a strategic plan used by cryptocurrency platforms to entertain long-lasting crypto users and attract new customers constantly. They offer digital gifts or random crypto prices in the form of digital assets like new NFTs or even free crypto prizes.

This is a marketing method that AuroraCoin(AUR) first accomplished back on March 25, 2014. They offered a 31.28 AUR award for every citizen who submitted their National ID. Although it served a purpose back then, the digital gift concept hadn’t gained traction till 2017.

Crareto airdrops
Crareto airdrops is a strategic marketing plan that attracts vast profits for a crypto platform.[Photo/FreeTONHouse]

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During the time, presenting random crypto prizes was used as means of increasing digital asset circulation before their public listing. They served as a critical instrument in ascertaining the legitimacy of a crypto project. Eventually, multiple crypto platforms got wind of this venture and began giving you their crypto airdrops, significantly increasing their profits.

Over the years, numerous crypto airdrops have existed, but here is a list of the greatest and most successful digital gifts in 2022.

Tamadoge’s P2E giveaways.

Tamadoge has recently gained plenty of fame especially given the recent transition of Ethereum, the Merge. The P2E platform allows users to enjoy the gaming world while still earning digital assets such as NFT avatars and artwork.

The whole concept behind Tamadoge is to gift random crypto prizes to its players, expanding and promoting their gaming world. Their in-game pets are digital assets that players can purchase via their native cryptocurrency, the TAMA token.

In 2022 alone, the cryptocurrency platform has made over $19 million via its presale, making it one of the top trending cryptocurrencies in 2022. Tamadoge announced a digital gift worth $3k TAMA to its loyal users. Their whole crypto network was in a frenzy, boosting their network’s traffic. Investors and gamers would be eligible to earn this crypto airdrop by following the project on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Discord and Youtube.

The cryptocurrency platform made an astronomical $19 million from this random crypto prize.

Battle Infinity’s Sports Project

Battle Infinity has similar traits to Tamadoge; it is a P2E platform which combines NFT in its in-game avatars. It has built its platform focusing on being diverse and interactive with users and has gained much attention in 2022. It has become one of the most trending cryptocurrency platforms in 2022.

Battle Infinity generally offers a crypto airdrop worth $3000 in IBAT cryptocurrency tokens for the first 100 contestants as a digital gift, attracting more users to their platform. It provided an immersed experience for its users and gained $16500 in under 24 days.

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They give out a unique digital gift with a fantastic gaming experience. For more information on their random crypto prizes, you can join their various social media accounts on; Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an upcoming cryptocurrency platform that deals with NFT creation and competitions. Its native token BLOCK gained popularity and sold out ahead of its time. Each time Lucky Block hold a match, the stakes are high, and the rewards are even higher.

Every investor who purchases a Lucky Block NFT is incorporated into the Platinum Roller club, which is essentially awarded crypto airdrops from the transaction fee pool on the platform and is given free entry to prize competition for life. This generally appeals to anyone who wants to receive free digital assets simply by being part of their network.

Basic Attention Token.

This crypto platform is built on the Ethereum network and uses the Brave website. The critical goal of BAT is to monitor and gauge a visitor’s attention span and time spent on media.

They have distributed various advertising funds to those who create and distribute online marketing advertisements to serve this purpose. Users can earn BAT tokens as digital gifts simply by viewing and receiving their notifications.

They also offer random crypto prizes valued at 25 to 40 BAT tokens. It’s easy to acquire digital assets simply by watching and operating on a first-come, first-serve basis. All these factors have contributed significantly to their increased popularity.

Decentralized Financial Services Blockchain. DeFiChain.

DeFiChain provides native decentralized finance for Bitcoin. Their main goal is to provide financial services similar to those offered by commercial banks but is significantly different.

DeFiChain users are offered free crypto airdrops worth $30 merely as a digital gift for loyal users. A collaboration of DeFiChain and Cake Defi are the pioneers of this crypto airdrop. As a result, users are also required to register a Cake DeFi account.

Although it is not a random crypto prize, it has earned its place within the list cause of its massive support from users who consistently praise the DeFiChain network for its secure network and reliable services.

Closing Remarks.

Crypto airdrops are a working marketing strategy for most cryptocurrency platforms. They provide a way for users to gain free digital assets simply by participating in their network and activities. The above are five central crypto airdrops of 2022, but there are still numerous others which we will discuss later on.

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