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  • According to UNESCO, only 30% of women in Subsaharan Africa receive STEM training.
  • Alakanani Itireleng (Botswana, the Bitcoin Lady, is the most successful African woman in blockchain.
  • According to the Global Entrepreneurship Model, the female entrepreneurship rate in sub-Saharan Africa is 25.9% of the female adult population.

Africa today is well known for its compatibility towards web3. NFT, cryptocurrency, CBDCs, and blockchain technology have each showcased their revolutionary ideas within Africa. Today there is a high rise of blockchain startups in Africa, some of which have the potential to attain unicorn status. Interestingly, blockchain has made its fair share of contributions to women’s empowerment in Africa. Today, Africa’s crypto ecosystem harbours various crypto leaders and entrepreneurs that have shown that African women in blockchain may be the next big thing. In honour of International women’s day, we will highlight several African blockchain companies that owe their success to the ingenuity of a woman’s touch.

African women in Blockchain; the next frontier of development.

Each culture has its approach and custom to different situations. In most African cultures, each individual had set roles, and each fulfilled them with great precision. In some cultures, the men would go hunting and be providers while the women would go gathering and tend to their homestead. Such a well-oiled system thrived during its period, but as time progressed, so did the progress of the typical African homestead. 

Today, the world and Africa’s ecosystem have come to appreciate the essential and groundbreaking mindsets that African women have to offer. Due to their general make and psychological maturity, African women have proven themselves by contributing significantly to the continent’s economy. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Model, the female entrepreneurship rate in sub-Saharan Africa is 25.9% of the female adult population. This means one out of four women starts and manages a successful business. 

When diving into the tech world, in the past decade, more organizations are offering opportunities to women. In addition, they are providing them with the support they require to assist in the digitalization of Africa. This is an attempt to increase women’s empowerment in Africa.

Women in Tech

Eventually, providing a fresh new look at the issue and problems plaguing Africa. According to UNESCO, only 30% of women in Sub Saharan receive STEM training. In addition,  obtain a successful career in the tech sector. Fortunately, as a result, many organizations consistently offer programs and training that highlight the need for female participants.

Africa’s crypto and blockchain ecosystem is no different. Women’s empowerment in Africa is a serious issue, and many benefits come with having a different approach to things. Many African women in blockchain have proven this concept through their hard work within Web3. In addition, these women have advocated for the steady growth of crypto among their peers. Furthermore, this encourages them to take the opportunity of cryptocurrency and various African blockchain companies.

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In a Triple-A study, only 21% of the global crypto is women-owned. This highlights only a fraction of the 425 million crypto owners today. As a result, these African crypto leaders represent the fact that African women have the potential to prosper in blockchain technology.

Prospering African Women in Blockchain.

With women’s empowerment in Africa steadily growing, the people mentioned below symbolize such hope. Their ability to think outside the box and utilize Africa’s crypto ecosystem has enabled these African crypto leaders to stand at the top of the blockchain franchise.

In a 2018 study by VC long hash, only 14.5% of blockchain startup team members were women-led. Surprisingly African Women made up a significant portion of this figure.

 It is crucial to remember that Africa’s cryptosystem is merely the doorway used to usher in the concept of blockchain technology to the typical African woman.

Alakanani Itireleng (Botswana)

 Alakanani Itireleng (Botswana, the Bitcoin Lady, is the most successful African woman in the blockchain. She is the founder and CEO of Satoshi Centre, one of the most prominent African blockchain companies in Gaborone, Botswana. Her company tackles the very day hurdles of the typical African man by incorporating blockchain technology. 

Alakanani stumbled upon Africa’s crypto ecosystem long before it acquired its current fame. In an interview with, she stated that her journey as an African crypto leader started with a mere google search of different money-making strategies.

Alakanani Itireleng also known as the Bitcoin Lady is among the top African women in Blockchain and is a key figurehead in women’s empowerment in Africa.[Photo/Everipedia]
She stumbled upon the concept of Bitcoin when it was still in its early stages, and it genuinely intrigued her. At the time, this African woman in blockchain was trying to find the necessary funds to take her son, who had Hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, to the hospital. Unfortunately, due to the African crypto ecosystem’s infancy, crypto scammers were all over and Alakanani fell for it. Unfortunately, she eventually lost her son, but the seeds of an African crypto leader were woven into her heart. She took some time off of crypto and resumed in 2013, where she did a full dive into the franchise. 

Soon she went beyond the African crypto ecosystem and dived into the world of blockchain technology. According to Alakanani, the concept behind Web3 can potentially solve crucial problems plaguing Botwasana and Africa.


After fully embracing the idea of blockchain, she saw an opportunity that most could not comprehend. Her time as a teacher significantly paid off when she took her skills and experience to teach and spread the concept of blockchain technology to other peers. She would later grow her reach as more individuals turn to her for guidance in Africa’s crypto ecosystem. Not too long after she embraced blockchain and started Satoshi Centre.


Alakanani Itireleng founded Satoshi Centre on the primary premise that Africa’s crypto ecosystem can transform the livelihood of all who use it. She founded the African blockchain company to provide startups and developers with mentorship, training programs and funds. In addition, they provide the very best environment. This ensures that any blockchain startups that pass through their programs have the means to succeed in Africa’s crypto stems. 

She also offers blockchain enthusiasts several programs easily contribute to eh expansion of Africa’s crypto ecosystem. At Satoshi centre, she has dedicated her time and energy to further understanding bitcoin and how to utilize blockchain technology.

Yaliwe Soko (Zambia/South Africa)

Yaliwe Soko is another prominent African woman in blockchain, who has struggled against the odds and promotes women’s empowerment in Africa.

Soko has established her dominance in Africa’s crypto ecosystem. She not only advocated for the adoption of blockchain technolgy but also has aided its integration through the development and management of several African blockchain companies. She is the founder of the United Africa Women in Blockchain and co-founder of the Ethereum foundation Devcon Alumni. Soko has dabbled with several African blockchain companies, such as South Africa Ecosystems Lead at cLabs working on Celo and Founder Essence Crypto Consultants.

Her achievements stem from her zeal and passion to promote financial, educational and technological inclusion in the continent.

Her thought on crypto and blockchain

In an interview with Blockchain Magzine, she stumbled on crypto and blockchain in 2016. She stumbled upon the concept while looking for a way to leave her mark on the world and Africa. Thus she was among the few African Crypto leaders who saw the true potential of blockchain technology in Africa’s ecosystem.

“Firstly, it was the transactional power of bitcoin. It was amazing to know that I could get paid without the hassle of the bank. As I studied it more I was inspired by the potential change it could bring to Africa and its inclusive nature,”  she stated in an interview.

Yaliwe Soko, founder of United Africa Women in Blockchain a prominent African one of her prominent African blockchain companies promoting awareness in Africa.[Photo/Brainstorm-Magazine]
 She went on to look for areas which offered blockchain technology. Unfortunately, at the time, Africa’s crypto ecosystem was still minute this not many institutions even heard of the term blockchain technology. The only institutes offering blockchain courses were on the higher side. This, however, did not stop this African woman in Blockchain. ” I couldn’t afford what they offered to teach me, so I built my curriculum and taught myself what I needed to learn,” she stated. Thus Soko’s origin story was set in motion.


As mentioned, Soko founded more than one African blockchain company. Each of these has significantly contributed to expanding Africa’s crypto ecosystem and women’s empowerment on the Continent.

She began working as a freelance Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Consultant for an online investment firm for several years. Soon she had made a name for herself among African crypto leaders. In 2019, her efforts did not go unnoticed as she was awarded Devcon V Queen because of her learning capabilities through the Ethereuem Devcin Scholarship Program.

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She worked on an educational initiative called Train the Trainer. The main aim of this program was to increase the reachability of Africa’s crypto ecosystem by training 1 million African on blockchain technology. Her African blockchain companies each tried to demystify crypto and blockchain to the typical African man. This paved the way for more blockchain startups in Africa.

Roselyn Gicira Mwangi (Kenya)

Roselyn Gicira Mwangi is an African woman blockchain with the privilege of leading one of Africa’s top blockchain companies; the Blockchain Association of Kenya. Her zeal and passion for empowering Africa’s crypto ecosystem, are only matched by her tenacity. Furthermore, her willingness to promote women’s empowerment in Africa.

Before heading the Blockhain Association of Kenya, she was the co-founder and director of Azuri Blockhain consultant LTD. Azuri is an African blockchain company that focuses on aiding companies to integrate blockchain technology into their system without complete restructuring.


Roselyn Gicira Mwangi former CEO of the Blockchain Association of Kenya signed an MoU with Techno Brain Digital Business.[Photo/Techno-Brain-Group]
Roselyn believes that an African Woman in Blockchain can transform their entire lively hood if given the chance. As a result, she dedicated her life to learning the ins and outs of Africa’s crypto ecosystem. Her passion led to her recognition as one of the top African crypto leaders. 

In 2016, her interest in blockchain technolgy inspired her to start several Youtube tutorials. In the hope to educate Africans interested in the blockchain. Her consistently soon saw her as one of the few African women under 30 to immerse in the world of Web3. In truth, she was also one of the first individuals to perceive the concept of African women in blockchain. This is before anyone took women’s empwerment in Africa seriously.

She stated, “My personal experience with Kenyan women is that they are keeping up with changes in technology. In addition, they are keen to grasp future technological advancements and their impact on their lives. Women are also great networkers because they talk to each other about trends and events. Every other day, I get more women who want to be taken through blockchain, its implications, and benefits.


Roselyn has headed the Kenyan Women in Blockchain Chapter since 2017 and served as the blockchain Association of Kenya Chairperson from 2019 to 2020. In addition, she is a certified member of the Kenya Institute of Directors.

She has long strived for women’s empowerment in Africa since she worked at the United Nation as a program officer. In addition, her experiences as a business dealer for Safaricom have also revolutionized her look at blockchain technology not only as a tool but also as a means of wealth generation.

She has appeared on several media platforms and international conferences adopting new blockchain technologies to improve Africa’s current economic growth. Her experiences in several African blockchain companies have fueled her drive to ensure that African women in blockchain have a say in a company’s strategic plans.

Today she still pioneers women’s empowerment in Africa by organizing various training and mentorship to all those interested in Africa’s tech industry.

Wrapping up

These three African women in blockchain have each built a name and a brand for themselves. It goes to show, a woman’s touch can easily transform any project into something big. Despite their different backgrounds, each of those women has advocated for the same thing and has proven not by their worlds but by their very livelihood that Africa’s crypto ecosystem has plenty to offer.



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