Zebedee Fintech ventures into the African crypto gaming industry

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  • Zebedee fintech is a web3 payment processing industry that advocates for integrating and using crypto coins to purchase goods and services.
  • Ben Cousen claimed that there is about a $180 billion-worth video gaming market in Africa, and only a fraction contains pay and earn.
  • The growth of web3 applications will gather the attention of potential investors and users

The video gaming market in Africa is about to take a turn into the continent’s Web3 community. Zebedee fintech company has announced its official entry into the sector to propel crypto gaming within the continent. The organization has stated that it will rely on the Bitcoin Lightning network to achieve this feat, thus paving the way for the transaction of Bitcoin in-game.

This turn of events sheds light on Africa as more investors seek to revive the continent’s crypto industry. Will crypto gaming in Africa be the nudge it needs to gain its former traction?

The concept of Crypto gaming in Africa.

Within the past decade, Africa’s web3 community has expanded its horizon beyond the context of its original application. The cryptocurrency was the first among the many blockchain applications, but its success led to the development of other financial sectors. Crypto is responsible for creating and rapidly growing Africa’s fintech Industry. Later, developers would apply blockchain to every field, but only some industries truly embraced and integrated the concept of Africa’s web3 community.

Crypto gaming is one of the many blockchain applications that exist through the combination of Web3 and the gaming Industry.[Photo/BBC]
Crypto gaming in Africa is among such minute categories. This recent blockchain application has revolutionized Africa’s gaming industry completely. Applying crypto coins changed the mechanisms that propelled the gaming Industry today. Crypto gaming in Africa essentially allows players and users to transact and earn digital currency by enjoying the dynamics of various games.

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This ushered in an entirely new section within Africa’s web3 community, the Play-to-Earn industry. Implementing crypto gaming in Africa opened a new door of possibility for gamers and developers. Today various gaming industries employ blockchain networks to enable the integration of crypto wallets in-game.

In addition, crypto gaming in Africa also implements NFTs within multiple games. Tamadoge, Shiba Inu, Doger coin and other meme coins affiliate more with crypto gaming in Africa than other altcoins. As a result, they have gained much fame and have led to the rapid growth of their blockchain applications within the continent.

Zebedee Fintech enters crypto gaming in Africa.

Zebedee fintech is a web3 payment processing industry that advocates for integrating and using crypto coins to purchase goods and services. The company has dived into various blockchain applications providing the necessary support they require for crypto payment services.

The organization leverages Bictoin’s lighting network to provide seamless and fast transaction speed within digital gaming environments. Zebedee Fintech has announced its official partnership with Bitnob crypto exchange to dive into crypto gaming in Africa. The fintech industry has stated that it will incorporate ts Bitcoin Lightning network. This will allow web3 gamers in Africa to send and receive small amounts of Bitcoin while playing classic titles.

This partnership allows African gamers to earn Bitcoin through any Zebedee-powered app and game. According to its report, the fintech industry is often a second layer in crypto games. This allows developers to replace vague in-game point rewards with satoshis.

Doing this propels crypto gaming in Africa and the rate of crypto within Africa. Bitnob will facilitate the mechanisms by providing the necessary equipment and fiat currency required. Ben Cousen, Zebedee’s chief strategy Officer stated that the partnership would expand crypto gaming in Africa and benefit its gaming Industry.

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The Zebedee fintech industry has announced that the merger will lead to additional activities and gaming tournaments with Bitciin in mind as the month’s price.

He further claimed that there is about a $180 billion video gaming market in Africa, and only a fraction contains pay and earn. Africa’s gaming Industry has the potential to accommodate and adapt to the use of blockchain technology. With this merger, we might witness a revolution within the industry.


Africa is known for its young and high human capital. According to statistics, the continent holds at least 70% of the world’s youth population. As a result, it will ensure the steady growth of crypto gaming in Africa. In addition, the Bitcoin Lightning network will establish a blockchain layer on top for developers.

Zedebee fintech has stated that it had sites set on Africa’s gaming industry. The growth of its web3 applications will gather the attention of potential investors and users. Today agriculture, real estate and even medication are some of the relevant areas blockchain developers have achieved by integrating the technology.

Yet another industry might see a glimmer of progress with this new initiative. Since the FTX crash, the crypto winter has steadily blown its harsh winds against the market flows. Bitcoin has survived; thus, more organizations have opted to stick closely with the original cryptocurrency. Will the Zebedee fintech industry and Bitnob usher in a new age for crypto trading in Africa, or will their effort succeed in the crypto winter?

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