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Zebedee Fintech ventures into the African crypto gaming industry

Zebedee fintech is a web3 payment processing industry that advocates for integrating and using crypto coins to purchase goods and services. Ben...

Concept of altcoins replacing Bitcoin

The FGHT token is currently valued at $0.0166 and applies to a fitness application. The fundamental goal of this token is to introduce...

The unique factors driving the growth of crypto in sub-Saharan Africa

Overall, the growth of crypto in Sub-Saharan Africa will continue, provided inhabitants continue facing challenges that crypto has demonstrated it can solve. The solutions offered by crypto include preserving savings in periods of economic volatility and aiding cross-border remittances in places with strict capital controls.

Africa: the importance of understanding the crypto market and investment dynamics

Cryptocurrencies have been very rewarding to some investors. However, a large number of people and institutions have lost their investment in the process. Therefore, African crypto enthusiasts and investors must understand the crypto market and trading dynamics.

The top projects driving the African crypto ecosystem

Africa is the next epicentre of crypto and blockchain innovation, as a new startup ecosystem forms to address the continent's most pressing issues. Africa has yet to properly realize the potential of blockchain technology, which is on its way to becoming a crucial component in the next digital revolution of the world economy. However, blockchain has sprung onto the African Fintech (financial technology) landscape in the past two years as adoption has surged throughout the continent. Africa is fast gaining a reputation as the crypto-tech capital of the world. As a result, some of the most popular and stable cryptocurrencies exist in Africa.

Crypto education is still key to unlocking the web3 economy in Africa

Bridging the knowledge gap through crypto education is critical to ensure that future web3 experts come on board in ensuring that Africa and its citizens do not remain behind.

Binance holds talks with Africa’s largest economy to create a virtual cryptocurrency zone

Recently, Binance has talked with Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority to establish the first virtual economic zone in West Africa. NEPZA's Managing director...

Crypto adoption: the political economy of Central Africa Republic’s bold Bitcoin ‘decision’

The Central Africa Republic is the first African nation and the world’s second after El Salvador (who took a similar move on September 7, 2021) to recognize bitcoin as legal tender.

Crypto innovation: Locating and using Bitcoin ATMs in East and West Africa

Kenya (Kenrail Towers), Uganda (Uganda Post Office), and Djibouti are all in East Africa (Djibouti one and strong) are at the forefront, each with one Bitcoin ATM station

Debunking Bitcoin’s volatility amidst the recent decline

With little historical background compared to more traditional investments, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies qualify as riskier assets due to their volatility.

The addition of M-Pesa to Binance creates excellent possibilities for crypto trading

Users can now seamlessly convert fiat currency for cryptocurrencies in their peer-to-peer transactions thanks to the incorporation of M-Pesa, which is protected by escrow service.

El Salvador hosts 44 countries to discuss the future of bitcoin in governance

The ongoing 2022 crypto crash has cost El Salvador over US$40 million President Nayib Bukele announced on his Twitter page that the country...

Can Africa’s Bitcoin mining be boosted by solar power?

A closer look at the region reveals that many in the West are underestimating Africa's potential as a blockchain innovation hub. At the end...