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Press Release: List of CBK- licensed Digital Lending Providers hits 32

The public has raised about the predatory practices of the unregulated Digital Service Providers.Among the complaints include high payback cost, unethical debt collection...

Kenya becomes a darling to Web3 and crypto promoters in Africa

To increase crypto awareness in Africa, various companies and countries have established several Web3 education programs in Kenya EthSafari, an Ethereum-sponsored event, is...

Renewed hope for crypto regulation in Kenya

Crypto adoption and usage have remained on the rise as Kenyan investors explore new ways to preserve their wealth and carry out international transactions for individual remittances and commercial purposes, including importing goods. Crypto experts have touted the payment of imports through digital currency as quick and convenient. People do not have to buy dollars using Kenya shilling or transfer money to cash transfer firms. Nevertheless, Kenyans, mainly the youth, have previously lost their hard-earned millions in crypto scams due to a lack of regulation in the sector.

African Central Banks present valid arguments against CBDCs and digital assets

Cryptocurrency within Africa has met apparent and defined opposition from the majority of the African central banks. The Central Bank of Egypt...

Kenya: A huge cryptocurrency marketplace chained by its regulations

Kenya's record within Africa's cryptocurrency has increased significantly over the years. Firms such as LocalBitcoins have adequately contributed to the rate of peer-to-peer...

Kenya: a focus on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) developments

The introduction of CBDCs would have far-reaching consequences for decades for households, businesses, and the monetary system. If successful, CBDCs will usher in a new era of money. Nonetheless, it is still early days. It is still hard to tell. No generally applicable best practices or standards will ensure CBDC issuance’s eventual success. On the other hand, a maturity evaluation might help the CBK make decisions on CBDCs. This position informed the CBK’s decision to seek feedback from the public on the applicability of a CBDC in February 2022.

US Draft Bill may allow Bitcoin, crypto retirement investments

401(k)s can include bitcoin in retirement portfolios without breaching their fiduciary duty Fiduciary duty is an inalienable right that fund managers owe to...

Kenya: the place of blockchain, web3 and crypto under the new administration

The new administration under Kenya’s fifth president, William Samoei Ruto, has taken over in the midst of a global digital revolution. Globally, technologies such as the metaverse and crypto are slowly but steadily taking root. Kenya has not been left behind in the growth and development of technology. East Africa’s most prosperous economy stands tall within the fourth industrial revolution and web3. Kenya stands tall as a global leader in P2P cryptocurrency transactions in matters of the crypto ecosystem. However, a lot needs to be done, and the new administration has enough space to execute its plan regarding advancing the Kenyan digital space and the place of blockchain, web3, and crypto.

Kenya Central Bank Governor rejects bitcoin as country’s reserve currency

Njoroge remarked that those suggesting the country should hold reserves in Bitcoin should not expect to see it happen under his watch Central...

Over 4 million Kenyans lose their monies to the ongoing crypto crash

The four million Kenyans who have been affected by the crash are mainly young and small and medium traders. The youth have, in recent years, stormed into cryptocurrencies hoping to get quick returns, despite warnings from the Central Bank of Kenya about the emerging digital markets.