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GHash Mining Scam Exposes Vulnerabilities in Kenya’s Crypto Landscape

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in Kenya has apprehended four suspects allegedly involved in GHash mining, a notorious crypto scam that has...

The Blockchain Association of Kenya Pioneers Regulatory Innovation with VASP Bill

The Blockchain Association of Kenya (BAK) unveils Kenya's inaugural community-driven Virtual Assets Service Provider (VASP) draft bill. Allan Kakai, BAK's Director of Public...

Ponzi Scheme Redux: MMM Krypto Raises Concerns, Triggers FSCA Warning

The resurgence of MMM has prompted the FSCA in South Africa to issue a warning about the scheme's alluring promises of unrealistic returns. ...

After Legal Hurdles, Worldcoin’s World ID Project Eyes Restart in Kenya

The World ID project is gearing up to resume its activities in Kenya. Blania has announced the launch of WorldCoin World ID 2.0...

Kenya 15-member parliamentary committee investigating risks posed by Worldcoin project

The government of Kenya suspended the project's operations, alarmed by the potential security risks and data privacy concerns posed by Worldcoin activities. Beyond...

Discover Africa’s leading country for Crypto: Which nation takes the lead?

As a continent with 54 countries, there is natural interest to see which country will have the most cryptocurrency users per population and...

Kenya to impose tax on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Kenya are expected to pay a 20% excise duty on cryptocurrency transaction fees Where cryptocurrency sold has been held...

The unique factors driving the growth of crypto in sub-Saharan Africa

Overall, the growth of crypto in Sub-Saharan Africa will continue, provided inhabitants continue facing challenges that crypto has demonstrated it can solve. The solutions offered by crypto include preserving savings in periods of economic volatility and aiding cross-border remittances in places with strict capital controls.

Kenya’s Gridless uses excess electricity for Bitcoin mining

Gridless is working with small Kenyan hydroelectric plants, generating below 100KW Gridless is making it possible for power generators to channel the excess...

Kenya: the place of blockchain, web3 and crypto under the new administration

The new administration under Kenya’s fifth president, William Samoei Ruto, has taken over in the midst of a global digital revolution. Globally, technologies such as the metaverse and crypto are slowly but steadily taking root. Kenya has not been left behind in the growth and development of technology. East Africa’s most prosperous economy stands tall within the fourth industrial revolution and web3. Kenya stands tall as a global leader in P2P cryptocurrency transactions in matters of the crypto ecosystem. However, a lot needs to be done, and the new administration has enough space to execute its plan regarding advancing the Kenyan digital space and the place of blockchain, web3, and crypto.

Blockchain startups are on course to make Africa a crypto continent

Despite regulatory uncertainties, crypto startups have continued to build themselves and provide clients with blockchain solutions. Leading nations such as South Africa and Mauritius have shown how a progressive approach toward cryptocurrency may be profitable. This is the kind of regulatory strategy that motivates others to follow suit. As regulatory agreements fall into place, the prospects become even more fascinating.

The African smart cities dilemma: Build new ones, improve existing infrastructure

It seems as though everywhere you look, there is an African country planning or working on a smart city. Smart cities vary in definition...

How Africans are earning from Cryptocurrency

Currently, there is only one bitcoin ATM in Nairobi at Kenrail Towers

Crypto innovation: Locating and using Bitcoin ATMs in East and West Africa

Kenya (Kenrail Towers), Uganda (Uganda Post Office), and Djibouti are all in East Africa (Djibouti one and strong) are at the forefront, each with one Bitcoin ATM station

South African Reserve Bank sets to regulate cryptocurrency

The South African Reserve Bank will have regulations for cryptocurrency by the end of 2023 South Africa surged past Kenya to take the...

South Africa dethrones Kenya in cryptocurrency ownership

South Africa has dethroned Kenya as the country with the highest cryptocurrency ownership rate
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