The top projects driving the African crypto ecosystem

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Different crypto projects in Africa have shown potential since the first months of existence to expand the use of blockchain and massive user numbers in a short time.

  • Africa is the next epicentre of crypto and blockchain innovation, as a new startup ecosystem forms to address the continent’s most pressing issues.
  • Some of the most popular and stable cryptocurrencies exist in Africa.
  • Africa is fast gaining a reputation as the crypto-tech capital of the world.

Africa is the next epicentre of crypto and blockchain innovation. A new startup ecosystem is steadily taking form to address the continent’s most pressing issues. However, Africa has yet to properly realize the potential of blockchain technology, which is on its way to becoming a crucial component in the next digital revolution of the world economy.

Blockchain has sprung onto the African Fintech (financial technology) landscape in the past two years as adoption has surged throughout the continent. As a result, Africa is fast gaining a reputation as the crypto-tech capital of the world. As a result, some of the most popular and stable cryptocurrencies exist in Africa.

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Listing the best crypto projects in Africa is not so tricky. Different African crypto startups have shown potential since the first months of existence to expand the use of blockchain and massive user numbers in a short time. Ranking the top crypto projects factors in the growth rate, investment funds, global availability, and startup ideas.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is one of the most popular platform-based P2E multiple-battle games. It brings together gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. The combination makes Battle Infinity one of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies and is anticipated to become one of the most exemplary African crypto projects.

The concept generates a unique ecology with many alternatives for gamers, developers, and artists. Since the game is incorporated into the IBAT Battle Arena in their Metaverse, it is possible to combine different plans. In reality, there is no need to play games.

The environment enables a player to explore virtual reality through the game, engage with other players, observe them playing, and participate in their games. One may construct their avatar and game information. These creations may be sold as NFT tokens, enabling users to become artists in this virtual environment.


Tamadoge is a new meme coin with utility, a combination of the P2E game and Metaverse, the next Dodge and Shiba Inu model of playing. In an aspect of Metaverse, the game includes pets, each having specific 3D rendering.

P2E feature assumes to play where more time is spent bringing baby Tamadoge; users get more benefits. The most valued reward has linkage to a pet’s combat proficiency. Thus, the game capitalizes on the brand familiarity of Doge to provide a 100-fold growth possibility.

Tamadoge pets and the “Tamaverse” make novel use of non-fungible tokens. However, the game adopts a more of a Play and Earn approach than a conventional Play-to-earn game since it draws players who are not interested in cryptocurrencies. Players can mine, feed, and care for Tamadoge pets. The game possesses an anti-rug pull, controlled by a smart contract audited by Solid Proof.


A typical characterization of Polkadot is that it is a blockchain of blockchains with the primary purpose of facilitating new networks. This quality makes Polkadot one of the top crypto projects in Africa.

The creation of new networks should also facilitate the work of developers. Developers can build new blockchains and integrate them with existing ones. They do not have to use complex bridge protocols. This network also allows for complete configurability without compromising safety and security. Polkadot’s expansion is not the end, as they will drive the Web 3.0 revolution.

Polkadot is the rising cryptocurrency that with vast potential.[PHOTO/ZIPMEX]

Yellow Card

Yellow Card is not a specific cryptocurrency, but it is one of the top crypto projects in Africa. The firm, officially established in 2019, had its first model created three years prior.

The developers of Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux are committed to enabling Africans in Africa and overseas to buy and trade Bitcoin as their native currency. They allow the use of bank transfers, cash, and mobile payments.

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In 2020, the Nigerian company’s over 35,000 merchants exchanged $165 million in crypto remittances. However, they extended operations to South Africa and Botswana and raised $1.5 million in startup financing that year.

Yellow Card introduced new services in Kenya and Cameroon. Experts anticipate that the firm will develop more capabilities and provide more information across the continent. The software is accessible to many users since it is available in up to ten African languages.

Akon City

Akon City is a crypto project founded by the Senegalese musician and businessman Akon. In 2018, Akon and the Senegalese minister of tourism, Alioune Sarrin, unveiled the project for the first time in Senegal. The project went public on November 11, 2020, and trading commenced on the Bittrex Global network. One of the most outstanding African cryptocurrency initiatives, Akon City employs over 20,000 people paid in Akoin (AKN), the default currency. Since the developers want to construct an extensive in Senegal and Uganda, the project’s scope expands.


Solana is not only one of the top African cryptocurrency projects but also one of the quickest crypto networks in existence. Decentralized applications and smart contracts enable the research and execution of Solana. These tokens are compatible with both proof-of-history and proof-of-stake consensus protocols. This compatibility is why the project processes more than 50,000 transactions per second, bug-free.

Solana is the first network to leverage smart contracts and now hosts more than 350 distinct projects. In 2021, its value increased by more than 17,000% from the previous year. These factors have put the Solana on the list of the ten most acceptable African currencies.


Atsu Davoh and Samuel Baohen founded Bitsika in 2018 as a USSD solution that enables customers to purchase and trade bitcoin. The project has a significant African crypto industry revenue share, with over 95,000 members.

Bitsika, one of the top African cryptocurrency projects, facilitates transactions between Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Mali, and Mauritius. These transactions are free up to a particular transaction threshold.

One of the finest advantages is the ability to trade in local currencies, along with the US dollar and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They may use bank transfer, cash, and mobile money, whichever facilitates and improves their transactions.

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