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Renewed hope for crypto regulation in Kenya

Crypto adoption and usage have remained on the rise as Kenyan investors explore new ways to preserve their wealth and carry out international transactions for individual remittances and commercial purposes, including importing goods. Crypto experts have touted the payment of imports through digital currency as quick and convenient. People do not have to buy dollars using Kenya shilling or transfer money to cash transfer firms. Nevertheless, Kenyans, mainly the youth, have previously lost their hard-earned millions in crypto scams due to a lack of regulation in the sector.

Binance adds Nigerian Naira (NGN) support

Binance announced via Twitter and their website that it would now provide a Nigerian Naira fiat payments gateway Nigeria is the biggest user...

The unique factors driving the growth of crypto in sub-Saharan Africa

Overall, the growth of crypto in Sub-Saharan Africa will continue, provided inhabitants continue facing challenges that crypto has demonstrated it can solve. The solutions offered by crypto include preserving savings in periods of economic volatility and aiding cross-border remittances in places with strict capital controls.

Africa’s crypto market resilient amid bear market challenges

Cryptocurrencies in Africa continued to perform their functions amid market downturn and volatility. The decreases in value during the crypto bear market 2022 undoubtedly affected some African investors in the same way as investors globally. However, retail investors remained immune to downturns compared to speculative traders since they likely use crypto for specific purposes. In African markets, crypto is a less tradeable asset and more of a hedge against capital restrictions and the volatility of local currencies. Even dramatic fluctuations in value, seen from this year’s crypto bear market, remain somewhat insignificant since African users normally cash in and out quickly. As long as Africa's crypto market allows users to transfer money in a timely and cost-effective manner, the specific price at which it trades is not a significant concern.

Kenya: a focus on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) developments

The introduction of CBDCs would have far-reaching consequences for decades for households, businesses, and the monetary system. If successful, CBDCs will usher in a new era of money. Nonetheless, it is still early days. It is still hard to tell. No generally applicable best practices or standards will ensure CBDC issuance’s eventual success. On the other hand, a maturity evaluation might help the CBK make decisions on CBDCs. This position informed the CBK’s decision to seek feedback from the public on the applicability of a CBDC in February 2022.

Africa: the importance of understanding the crypto market and investment dynamics

Cryptocurrencies have been very rewarding to some investors. However, a large number of people and institutions have lost their investment in the process. Therefore, African crypto enthusiasts and investors must understand the crypto market and trading dynamics.

The growth and adoption of blockchain in Africa might be faster than earlier contemplated

Cryptocurrency works the same as mobile money. Therefore, it is simpler for Africans to comprehend crypto compared to those in the developed nations, who have more financial inclusion and better access to banking institutions. Africans like crypto and blockchain because of what they signify and have embraced them more rapidly than anticipated.

Blockchain startups are on course to make Africa a crypto continent

Despite regulatory uncertainties, crypto startups have continued to build themselves and provide clients with blockchain solutions. Leading nations such as South Africa and Mauritius have shown how a progressive approach toward cryptocurrency may be profitable. This is the kind of regulatory strategy that motivates others to follow suit. As regulatory agreements fall into place, the prospects become even more fascinating.

Crypto innovation: Locating and using Bitcoin ATMs in East and West Africa

Kenya (Kenrail Towers), Uganda (Uganda Post Office), and Djibouti are all in East Africa (Djibouti one and strong) are at the forefront, each with one Bitcoin ATM station

The state of cryptocurrency adoption in Africa per country

Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa is at its toddler stages. Countries are split between banning, allowing and being lukewarm on cryptocurrency

Crypto regulation: can African governments find unity of purpose in CBDCs?

Individual African countries cannot devise a worldwide plan to foresee the growth of private transnational digital currencies amidst crypto regulation needs because of their small economies.

Stocks and crypto: Which is a better investment?

Cryptocurrencies and stocks fall under different asset classes despite them having similar characteristics. On the one hand, cryptos are digital assets that can be distributed securely from one person to another. They store value and can also serve as a medium of exchange. 

Is the dip in cryptocurrencies the best way for African nations to adopt cryptocurrencies

Many African nations are currently debating whether or not to legalize cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that it is becoming more popular with consumers globally. ...