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Tech Connect Africa: The Discussion surrounding big and local tech

The fact is that big tech and local tech have different pockets and hence can accommodate different roles Through the establishment and accomplishment...

Blockchain security core components: Tools to test the security of a blockchain

Security analysts pondered over this increase in insecurity, and then through diligent analysis, blockchain security was devised. Any form of cyber security...

African Metaverse: What it is and how Africa can benefit from it

The African Metaverse will also provide a platform for industries to showcase and advertise Africare, the first African Metaverse, opened its doors to...

Africa: the importance of understanding the crypto market and investment dynamics

Cryptocurrencies have been very rewarding to some investors. However, a large number of people and institutions have lost their investment in the process. Therefore, African crypto enthusiasts and investors must understand the crypto market and trading dynamics.

ERC-20 as a core standard behind Ethereum’s success

ERC-20 tokens are Ethereum-based and found within its network. They are essentially a standard of fungible digital tokens that live and are usable...

Blockchain startups are on course to make Africa a crypto continent

Despite regulatory uncertainties, crypto startups have continued to build themselves and provide clients with blockchain solutions. Leading nations such as South Africa and Mauritius have shown how a progressive approach toward cryptocurrency may be profitable. This is the kind of regulatory strategy that motivates others to follow suit. As regulatory agreements fall into place, the prospects become even more fascinating.

The explainer: the Ethereum merge and what it means for crypto investors

The Ethereum merger offers plenty for crypto investors to look forward to but will not generate instant benefits. Ethereum 2.0 will have to go through many phases to reach its full potential. Buterin said at the Ethereum Community Conference on July 22 that after the merge,' Ethereum would be just approximately 55% complete. The full Ethereum merge will occur sometime in 2023.

The recent crypto slump and the tough lessons on custody and control

The volatility highlighted by the recent crypto slump has had real-world effects, and the lessons gained serve as a reminder of why investors should...

Africa should step up crypto regulation to mitigate risk and costs

Since transactions are worldwide, crypto must have international coordination and holistic regulation. This way, crypto will live up to its potential on the African continent and beyond. Although significant progress exists in this area, the current fragmented approach to crypto regulation throughout the globe is not optimal.

Blockchain: growing adoption and the transformational effect on modern businesses

As awareness of this emergent technology increases, the time has come to consider how it could be most useful in transforming modern businesses. To reap the benefits of blockchain technology, executives must analyze the possible effects on their businesses and test and learn.

The seven most important technologies driving the metaverse

The metaverse became the famous catchphrase after Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021. To prepare for Facebook's rebranding, the social media giant invested $10 billion in a new reality lab branch by 2021. The plan is to create metaverse content, software, and AR and VR devices, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes will be as common in the future as smartphones.

Crypto market crash and the effect the wider financial ecosystem

The present crypto market crush is similar to a traditional bear market in that it drives weaker start-ups out of business while allowing stronger firms to mature and validate their insights.

Crypto regulation: can African governments find unity of purpose in CBDCs?

Individual African countries cannot devise a worldwide plan to foresee the growth of private transnational digital currencies amidst crypto regulation needs because of their small economies.

The Metaverse in Africa

                  The metaverse in Africa is a fantastic place to meet people from diverse backgrounds to spark conversations. In the continent, Africans come together to...

Is Crypto Currency Good For Africa?

The rise of cryptocurrencies has changed the landscape of business in many developing countries. It has made it easier for people to start small...

Crypto Investment in Africa

There are many advantages to Crypto Investment in Africa. The largest economy in Africa has the most population (more than 200 million people), which...